The 5K & 8K races Begin at 8:00AM

Hosted at Legal Remedy brewing Co., ROck Hill, sc

Proceeds from the 2017 Gobble Wobble will benefit Pilgrims' Inn, Rock Hill Parks Foundation and York County Council on Aging.

The Pilgrims' Inn is an organization that assists members of our community that are experiencing challenging times, especially those living pay check to pay check, those on fixed incomes, or those who have an underlying condition such a illness or a physical or mental disability. Pilgrims' Inn has a mission to move every client into independence. Most of their clients have jobs and, until recently, have been self-sufficient. Many have children. Their clients' needs go far beyond food and clothing but often include emergency shelter, prescriptions, affordable child care, job training, etc. The current parking lot at the facility has become a hazard to both employees and the clients they serve. With the help of the funding from the Gobble Wobble, they will be able to have the lot paved and continue their dedicated work without the financial burden of a dangerous parking lot.

Rock Hill Parks Foundation is dedicated to preserving, enriching and maintaining cultural, environmental and recreational facilities and programs in our community. Their mission is to enhance our community’s quality of life above and beyond the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department’s normal operating budget. The Active Learning and Living Warriors Outdoors (A.L.L. Warriors Outdoors) program is a new program initiated to help provide both wounded and able-bodied veterans with more opportunities to interact with one another while participating in a variety of outdoor recreation activities. The kayak and paddle board program is in need of additional training and equipment for their adaptive paddling program so they can assist wounded veterans with the same opportunities to participate alongside able-bodied veterans.

The final charity to receive funding from this year's Gobble Wobble is the York County Council on Aging. This organization currently provides in-need home-bound senior citizens with Senior Boxes, which contain nonperishable food items to tide them over on weekends, during inclement weather, or to supplement the home-delivered meals they receive daily. There is currently no program in Rock Hill, but the need for one is great. The funds will be used to implement this program to be immediately begin ensured that the in-need seniors in our community have the supplement food items they are in desperate need of.

We are proud to host the 7th Annual JWL Gobble Wobble 8K/5K Road Race on Saturday, November 18th with the goal of $60,000. After the overwhelming success of the last 6 years, we are excited to continue building on this project. This would not be possible without the generous support from our community. Thank you for your donation.

Race Day Chairs

Amanda Winters & Laura Davis